The Project

The AVB base module allows you to connect to AVB networks as an audio endstation. Various extension cards can be combined with the AVB base module in order to provide audio input, output or processing fitting to your needs. More and more cards will be made vailable here or can be created by yourself.

Typical use cases are active loudspeakers, microphones, headphone amplifiers, ... - finally every analog and digital audio formats that you want to convert to or from the audio network.

The prerequisites to bring up an AVB network are AVB capable switches and an AVB controller.

AVB switches

(consider PoE options!)

AVB controllers

  • Hive
  • macOS' audio-midi-setup or avbutil

Other AVB products

  • RME
  • Presonus
  • Motu
  • d&b audiotechnik
  • Meyersound
  • L-Acoustics
  • Adamson
  • Apple
  • ...

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